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Vessel Studios is an acclaimed medical animation company focused on communication, collaboration, and beautiful accuracy.

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Vessel Studios specializes in producing next-level medical animations for your unique communication needs. Our expert knowledge in science, animation and technology gives your product or concept unprecedented distinction. Be it a novel drug MOA, a new surgical device technique, or innovative patient education, our work is designed to market your ideas and make scientific concepts accessible and exciting.

Vessel is a collective of top of the field animators, programmers and medical experts who thrive off of visual problem solving. Our experienced team has produced internationally honored animations known for their strong sense of cinema and superior 3D computer graphics. We are graduates from Johns Hopkins, The Medical College of Georgia, and Harvard, and we have received awards from distinguished organizations including the SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival and the Association of Medical Illustrators.

"Vessel's work has become an inspiration in and beyond the field of scientific visualization."
-Graham Johnson, PhD - Molecular visualization pioneer

How We Work

Our Passion

Your unique science is the core of our projects.

Our classic production process ensures that thoughtful storytelling and stunning visualizations perfectly complement your specific communication needs. We believe you are the key to a successful project and involve you in each production phase.

1 Pre-Production

The essence of your story.

We research, outline, and storyboard to form a narrative and visual layout that meets your objectives. This visual thinking and planning allows for experimentation and collaborative changes in the storyline to guarantee the most interesting and accurate final product.

2 Production

The dynamic visualization.

In this detailed phase we create a pre-visualization or animatic depicting how the scenes will look and feel with motion and timing. Your products comes to life with animated 3d models, rich environments, cinematic shots, dynamic simulations, narration, and video editing.

3 Post Production

The exciting imagery.

During the final phase of production we add expert shading and lighting, visual effects, and compositing to make your animation stand out above the competitors. Your finished product is built using the most current technologies to push the visual boundaries of medical aesthetics.

4 Delivery & Upkeep

We care about your ROI and establishing a longterm relationship. We offer instruction on usage options and creation of derivative works to get you the most out of your animation. We manage and archive your project data so it can be easily updated as your products develop.

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