Fractal structures find their way into every aspect of our medical animation and illustration. Computer generated systems give rise to branching patterns, self-similarity, and expanding symmetry. These mesmerizing shapes inspire our creative ability to engage viewers scientific curiosity. Here are some of our test renders using fractal geometry: Continue Reading


Check out some of our VR work! If you’re using a phone, click the link below to view on YouTube. For the best viewing experience use a Google Cardboard or other compatible VR phone headset. YouTube Link – Vessel VR If you’re on a computer, use your cursor to navigate the 360 environment on the… Continue Reading

AMI 2017

We can’t wait to see everyone in Austin for the AMI! 2017 has been a fun year at Vessel. We’ve added VR to our services and GPU rendering to our production. We’re also looking for new talent. Check out our AMI 2017 reel. Best! -The Vessel Team Continue Reading